Shooting Packages


Take a step back in time at our Las Vegas gun range and try out legendary firearms used in World War II. Today, at our Las Vegas gun range you can give those same firearms a try for yourself.

East Meets West

Just like the Cold War, but without the nukes. Our Las Vegas gun range at the Vegas Machine Gun Experience has paired up two of the Soviet Union's classic machine guns against their NATO counterparts.

Heavy Metal

These guns are the heavy-lifters of the battlefield. They embody the genius of legendary firearms designers like John Browning, and now, you can try them out for yourself at our Las Vegas gun range.

Stars and Stripes

The crown jewel of the machine gun packages. Create your own combination from the most bad-ass machine guns available.
2 Hours
Las Vegas, NV

The Works

Can’t decide which of the amazing firearms to try out at our Las Vegas gun range? The obvious solution is to try them all out instead with the ultimate shooting experience! 

Bachelor Party

$250 No need to keep a lid on what goes on here. Our special bachelor party Vegas gun range packages is a per-person opportunity to blast targets for parties of any size. Plus, add a little friendly competition and see who is the best shot on the handgun!

Bachelorette Party

You won't have to keep this bachelorette party escapade to yourselves. This per-person target shooting range experience offers variety for parties of any size.