Can’t decide which of the amazing firearms to try out at our Las Vegas gun range? The obvious solution is to try them all out instead with the ultimate shooting experience! 

The Works has 14 of the most legendary, respected and popular firearms in the world, including our belt-fed M1919 and Thompson Submachine Gun. Shoot the gamer’s favorite SCAR-H rifle and even an Uzi. Then, blow five gaping holes in a life-size target, using the 12-gauge pump shotgun. Next, hang on tight, when you take the legendary .500 S&W revolver and .50-caliber Desert Eagle for a spin. Finally, tap into your marksman skills at our Las Vegas gun range with the .45 pistol. Fourteen powerful guns for you to try out at our Las Vegas gun range in all!

BROWNING M1919 Belt-Fed Machine Gun 25 Rounds
RPK Machine Gun 25 Rounds
SCAR-H Semi-Automatic Rifle 20 Rounds
Thompson Sub-Machine Gun 25 Rounds
M4 Machine Gun 25 Rounds
AK47 Machine Gun 25 Rounds
MP5 Sub-Machine Gun 25 Rounds
Uzi Sub-Machine Gun 25 Rounds
UMP Sub-Machine Gun 25 Rounds
12 Gauge Pump Shotgun 5 Slugs
9MM Pistol 10 Rounds
.45 Pistol 7 Rounds
.500 Smith & Wesson Revolver 3 Rounds
Desert Eagle 5 Rounds

Order Online and Save on Shooting Range Packages

SAVE $5.00 when you purchase a Vegas Machine Gun Experience at our Las Vegas gun range online by using the code “BONUS5” at checkout. Limit one discount per customer per Las Vegas gun range visit. Management reserves all rights.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased products for in-store pickup or in-store services like the Las Vegas gun range at The Vegas Machine Gun Experience or classes, then please bring photo identification, the card used for purchase, and a record of your order. Minimum 14 years of age or older required to shoot. Each package price is per-person, and for safety reasons cannot be shared.

NOTE: Firearms require regular maintenance to ensure safe and proper function. If a firearm is unavailable at the time service is rendered, Discount Firearms and Ammo reserves the right to make substitutions to ensure your safety and provide an exceptional shooting experience.