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Get behind the trigger of a huge selection of the most legendary machine guns, rifles, handguns and shotguns and blast away at life-size targets in our Las Vegas gun range!

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The 2nd Amendment

Practice your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms with this


It's your turn to take the same machine guns and

Power Pack

These two adversaries of the battlefield make good companions on

Machine Gun Madness

Feel the intensity that Special Forces and Law Enforcement encounter

Bold and Beautiful

Keep things classy with our Bold and Beautiful package next

The Grunt

Grunts are the backbone of America’s finest, often served fully-equipped

Special Forces

From the Special Forces straight to our indoor shooting ranges

We The People

The Vegas Machine Gun Experience has created a fun package

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 From the M4 and the AK-47 to the SAW and the historic Thompson submachine gun, we’re the best gun range in Las Vegas because we’ve got the most diverse selection of guns in town. As long as you meet our shooting range age limit, we want you to come down and see it all for yourself.


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Whether you want to prepare for taking on a horde of zombies or re-enact storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, we’ve got the best shooting range in Las Vegas to do it. Our diverse selection has allowed us to craft a memorable shooting range experience you won’t soon forget.


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There’s no better Las Vegas gun range for a bachelor party or bachelorette party than the Vegas Machine Gun Experience. When you plan your night out, make sure it includes a stop at our Las Vegas gun range for your bachelorette party or bachelor party.