Like many popular weapons, the Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova, or RPD Machine Gun, gets its name from the person who invented it. Vasily Degtyaryov created the powerful handheld RPD machine gun in 1943. Though the machine has been revamped several times during its life, it is still in use today. You can test one of them out at the Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience, but before you choose this as your experience, here are some of the specs of the RPD machine gun.

RPD Machine Gun


In 1943, three Soviet Union engineers were challenged to submit ideas for a new handheld light machine gun. Degtyaryov’s design replaced his previously designed Degtyaryov machine gun. The original weapon was chambered for 7.6x54R rounds while the new one was chambered for M43 7.62x39mm round. The new invention wasn’t set for production until after World War II.


The handheld RPD machine gun is described as:

  • Simplistic: Two hidden belts feed rounds into the machine in a drum, attached to the bottom of the receiver. It can also be loaded by a loose belt.
  • Powerful: A gas operated long stroke piston system fuels the RPD.
  • Efficient: The chamber and bore are protected by a chrome lining, which is used to lessen the likelihood of jamming and corrosion.
  • Groundbreaking: Unlike previous Soviet machine gun models, the return spring is nestled inside the butt.

The largest disadvantage of the RPD machine gun is the accessibility of the drum magazine. It becomes unstable in dirty conditions and can get jammed with dirt, dust, or other elements relatively easy.

Try an RPD Machine Gun out Today

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