When people think about shotguns, accuracy isn’t the first concept that comes to mind. Shotguns are considered effective due to their ability to spread fire and hit targets easily at close range without the need for accurate aim. In fact, many gun owners purchase shotguns specifically because of their lack of focus on accuracy and precision. Still, the question of shotgun accuracy continues to perplex shooters to this day with many wondering if aiming is necessary at all.

Understanding Shotgun Accuracy

First and foremost, the myth that shotguns don’t require any aim and more so, cannot be accurately aimed is exactly that, a myth. Depending on the range you’re shooting at and more importantly, the specific ammunition you’re shooting, shotguns can be aimed towards specific targets.

Effective range for a 12 gauge slug

For those who have chosen a shotgun as their home defense firearm, the effective range required is far shorter than you may think. If you imagine a standard sized room in your home, you should come to the realization that as long as you can hit your mark within five to 10 yards, you’ll be fine.

Luckily enough, a 12 gauge buckshot, arguably the most common shotgun ammunition out there, is surprisingly effective at these ranges. According to the shotgun slug ballistics chart found on Beretta’s official website, shots fired to 10 yards and less still appear to hit as a single, tightly packed shot.

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The UZI submachine gun is a reliable firearm that has made a name for itself on the battlefield as well as in Hollywood. After its development in the late 1940s, the UZI found its way into the hands of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) before being placed into general issue. Today, the UZI can be found in over 90 countries worldwide, making it one of the most popular submachine guns in the world.

Firearms Spotlight: UZI Submachine Gun

Captain Uziel Gal of the IDF developed the UZI submachine gun to create a personal defense weapon that combined mobility and firepower into a single, compact firearm. The resulting UZI, named after the Captain himself, was perfect for nearly any situation on the battlefield and was selected as the firearms of choice following the Arab-Israeli War in 1948. With its unique design and simple, economic manufacturing, it’s no surprise that the UZI has found the levels of success it’s now famous for.

A true movie star

The UZI is a gun that has made a name for itself in action movies over the last few decades for many of the same reasons that made it great for the IDF. It’s portable, packs a lot of firepower, and on top of all that, it looks unique and is easily identifiable to when it pops up on screen. Here’s a look at some of  

  • The Terminator (1984)
  • Commando (1985)
  • The Usual Suspects (1995)
  • The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

A gamer’s best friend

Like many guns that have become popular in action movies, the UZI submachine gun has found its way into the world of video games. From stealth spy games to zombie apocalypse games and of course, the fan favorite first-person shooters, the UZI is always a gun gamers can count on. Here’s a look at a few of the games where you can dominate the competition with an UZI.

  • Splinter Cell (2002)
  • Left 4 Dead (2008)
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)
  • Mafia III (2016)

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The M3 submachine gun (SMG) is a popular World War II era firearm that is most commonly known as the Grease Gun. Originally developed in the waning years of the Second World War, the Grease Gun would eventually end up seeing most of its notable service during the wars in Korea and Vietnam. The idea behind the M3 SMG was simple; create a cheap, easily manufacturable firearm that could get the job done, and the Greaser did just that.

Time for Change

Towards the end of World War II, the United States was scrounging for ways to save on costs and decided it was time they replace the tried and true Thompson SMG. While the Thompson was effective and reliable, it was also costly and expensive to manufacture. The resulting M3 SMG proved to accomplish many of the goals, but it was far from perfect.

Making of the “Grease Gun”

Stemming from its purpose of being cheap to produce, the M3 Grease Gun earned its name from the way it resembled a cheap, mechanic’s tool. While the M3 succeeded in being cheaper to manufacture than its big brother, the Thompson SMG, it was hardly as precise. Both firearms were chambered for .45 ACP ammunition, but the extra care that went into the Tommy Gun’s creation clearly showed in practice. Still, the M3 was hardly a pushover, and being second-best to one of the best guns in American history is hardly a bad thing.

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A trip to a Las Vegas shooting range offers up a different experience to different types of shooters. While first-time shooters will focus on learning the basics such as how to hold the gun and hit their target, more experienced shooters will look to improve on these skills they’ve already acquired. By following these simple tips, even an experienced shooter can enhance their trip to a Las Vegas shooting range.

Have a Better Day at the Shooting Range

Dry fire

Dry firing is a valuable method of improving your shooting and one that you should integrate into your shooting range visits. Not only does it save the amount of ammunition you run through, but it is also a proven method of improving your shooting accuracy.

Slow things down

The best way to improve your visit to a shooting range in Las Vegas is to remember that you’re here to have a good time. Take a breath and slow things down a bit when you come down to our shooting range. You didn’t come here to find out who could run through ammo faster; you came here to shoot. Take a second and really look at where your shots hit and make the appropriate changes to improve for your next shot.

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