There are a lot of books written and movies produced about real special operative soldiers. But what is true and what is fake? These brave men and women sacrifice so much, so who are these spec ops soldiers and what are their stories? Today, we’ll look at one real life spec ops story.

spec ops story

Authentic Spec Ops Story: the Hunt for Hussein

Back in 2003, the world was a scary and confusing place. America was in the midst of two separate wars, and most civilians couldn’t keep track of who did what in which war. But for a group of spec ops, America’s biggest enemy since Desert Storm was about to be taken down once and for all.

That was the plan.


Task Force 20 was a group organized to take down President of Iraq and war-monger Saddam Hussein. They were a group of Rangers and Delta operators, two groups of Special Forces.

They followed a convoy from Mosul, Iraq by helicopters. The convoy was thought to have had Hussein himself on board, so by following it, they thought they could end it once and for all.

However, once the convoy crossed borders into Syria, they had to stop the helicopter pursuit. That was until the commander gave them special permission to follow the convoy on foot. The rest of the team had no idea that they were headed into Syria until the ground commander announced over the radio that they were.

The spec ops finally caught up with the convoy, and an attack ensued. The conflict didn’t last long at all, but at the end of it all, they realized the truth about this situation.


Hussein wasn’t even there.

Instead, several of Hussein’s cousins were there. The whole conflict, despite being a lesser-known event, was a little controversial.

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