Once again, we will look at some of our favorite television characters and their weapons of choice. This time, we’re going to look at some of the guns in Breaking Bad, the critical hit AMC show about a high school chemistry teacher who gets cancer and a death wish. And once again, no spoilers ahead, so feel free to read on if you haven’t seen the show.

breaking bad gun

Guns in Breaking Bad

Smith and Wesson 4506

The very first moments of Breaking Bad, you see Walter White pointing a gun towards the camera in a bit of a panicked hysterical state. We get a very close up view of the gun in this very iconic moment, and the gun, as it turns out, is the favorite of cops and criminals alike, the S&W 4506. This gun is the first stepping stone in Walter White and Jessie Pinkman’s descent into madness.         

Ruger LCR

What gun does Walter White use in the episode “Thirty Eight Snub?” Well, a .38 snub nose Ruger LCR. This gun is Walt’s very own gun, the first one he ever buys for himself. The Ruger LCR proves to be an excellent concealed carry weapon as Walter White, scared for his life, tries to go about his life with some added protection because a concealed weapon is a must for any criminal mastermind.

Beretta 84F

Now onto Jesse Pinkman: What is his weapon of choice? There is another iconic moment in the show where Jesse, similarly (but not coincidentally), points his gun up close and personal directly into the camera. It’s the last thing we see in one episode and the first thing we see in the next. A huge cliff hanger moment. That gun is a Beretta 84F, a semi-automatic .380 ACP caliber weapon.


Throughout different episodes, we are teased with a rather big gun. Without spoiling the show, if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you know which part we’re talking about when we say seeing this weapon being used was worth the wait. The M60 is a monster of a gun that can shred metal and poke holes in brick buildings. That’s not really a spoiler; we don’t think.

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