Once again, we will look at some of our favorite television characters and their weapons of choice. This time, we’re going to look at some of the guns in Breaking Bad, the critical hit AMC show about a high school chemistry teacher who gets cancer and a death wish. And once again, no spoilers ahead, so feel free to read on if you haven’t seen the show.

breaking bad gun

Guns in Breaking Bad

Smith and Wesson 4506

The very first moments of Breaking Bad, you see Walter White pointing a gun towards the camera in a bit of a panicked hysterical state. We get a very close up view of the gun in this very iconic moment, and the gun, as it turns out, is the favorite of cops and criminals alike, the S&W 4506. This gun is the first stepping stone in Walter White and Jessie Pinkman’s descent into madness.         

Ruger LCR

What gun does Walter White use in the episode “Thirty Eight Snub?” Well, a .38 snub nose Ruger LCR. This gun is Walt’s very own gun, the first one he ever buys for himself. The Ruger LCR proves to be an excellent concealed carry weapon as Walter White, scared for his life, tries to go about his life with some added protection because a concealed weapon is a must for any criminal mastermind.

Beretta 84F

Now onto Jesse Pinkman: What is his weapon of choice? There is another iconic moment in the show where Jesse, similarly (but not coincidentally), points his gun up close and personal directly into the camera. It’s the last thing we see in one episode and the first thing we see in the next. A huge cliff hanger moment. That gun is a Beretta 84F, a semi-automatic .380 ACP caliber weapon.


Throughout different episodes, we are teased with a rather big gun. Without spoiling the show, if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you know which part we’re talking about when we say seeing this weapon being used was worth the wait. The M60 is a monster of a gun that can shred metal and poke holes in brick buildings. That’s not really a spoiler; we don’t think.

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Going to a shooting range and can’t decide which gun you want to try out? Luckily, most ranges have a lot of different weapons to choose—from handguns to miniguns. Knowing what everyone’s favorite shooting range weapons are might help you decide what to use. These are the most popular shooting range weapons.

shooting range

Best Shooting Range Guns

When deciding what guns to use at a shooting range, it’s good to get a taste of variety. Perhaps you could choose one handgun, one assault weapon, one shotgun, one heavy machine gun, etc. First, let’s look at the most popular handguns used at a shooting range.


Ruger .22

The .22 pistol is a safe bet, sure. But it’s an excellent weapon for a shooting range because of its incredible accuracy. If you want to go to the shooting range and practice your marksmanship, this is the gun for you.

Colt 1911

If you want something with more of a kick but very easy to use, try the Colt 1911. The 1911 series is perhaps the most famous of handguns and Colt knows handguns. This one is commonly used at shooting ranges because it’s easy to use and comfortable to hold.


Mossberg 500

This shotgun is an excellent and surprisingly cheap weapon you’ll find at most shooting ranges. It’s tactical and great for hunting as well.

Winchester Super X Pump

A fast and cheap model of shotgun, very versatile and fun to shoot. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Winchester!

Assault Rifles

Armalite AR-15

A classic. The Armalite AR-15 is the standard that was set for all assault rifles to come. First created back in the 1950’s, it was way ahead of its time as it is still used today, as it was, at any given shooting range.


First developed by the Russians and then adopted and beloved by Americans, this terrifying monster of a gun can be found only at the best shooting ranges. This is one powerful gun.

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It’s fun to see TV guns used in popular shows when they’re in the hands of our favorite characters.Take, for example, the guns in The Walking Dead. It’s one of the biggest shows on television right now, and it heavily revolves around the use of guns. Let’s take a look at some of the guns in The Walking Dead. (Don’t worry. No spoilers ahead.)


Guns in The Walking Dead

Colt Python

The Colt Python is main protagonist Rick Grimes’ partner in crime, so to speak. The very first time we see Sheriff’s deputy Grimes in episode one, he’s equipped with the one of the most iconic guns, the revolver. The Python is a silver .357 magnum revolver with a six-inch long barrel. It’s realistically depicted as a very powerful and heavy. One scene in the first episode shows Rick shooting a zombie inside a small enclosed space and the noise from the gun nearly deafens him and disorients him terribly. This gun appears throughout the entire series as Rick’s go-to zombie killing weapon.

Glock 17

Rick’s friend Shane, also a former police officer, carries with him a generation 3 Glock 17. He can be seen using it in season one, but this gun receives special attention in the beginning of season two while Shane is cleaning it—then later shows Andrea try to reassemble it when a small group of “Walkers” attack. This gun is later carried throughout the series by Glenn.

Mossberg 590

Even more so than the Glock 17, the Mossberg 590 is Shane’s gun of choice. The Mossberg 590 is a powerful tactical 12 Gauge shotgun. He is seen in all the promotional images for the show holding one. His Mossberg has an extended magazine, a pistol grip, and a heat shield. Throughout season two, Shane, as well as others, fire this weapon.

Beretta 92SB

Whether you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you probably know about the Governor. Being the most iconic villain in the series means we should probably talk about this character’s gun of choice as well. His Beretta 92SB has a wood grip and a shiny nickel finish. This gun is used in a number of dirty deeds committed by the Governor.

Colt M4A1

This powerful M4 carbine is used by virtually every character at some point in the show. It’s fast, heavy, and reliable and just right for a zombie apocalypse. How fun would it be to shoot one of these?

Stryker Strykezone 380

Daryl’s crossbow just might be the most iconic of weapons in The Walking Dead. Now the Stryker obviously isn’t technically a gun, it’s usefulness and versatility proves beneficial to The Walking Dead team—this article just wouldn’t be complete without it.

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Throughout history, some guns have made a name for themselves. Even fewer hold up as well as the Spencer Repeating Rifle. Since its production during the Civil War, the Spencer Repeating Rifle has become quite the collector’s item.


And with good reason. If you love historic american firearms, this one’s for you.


Spencer Repeating Rifle

Christopher Miner Spencer was a 19th century inventor, famous for being a sort of jack-of-all trades in terms of inventing. He could invent whatever it was he wanted from cars to rifles. Spencer has many patents under his name, most of which were gun related.


On March 6, 1860, Spencer knocked out another patent, this time on a lever-action repeater.

The rifle

It was revolutionary. In a time of muzzleloaders, the Spencer Repeating Rifle surely stood out as ingenious design. Simple to use and reliable, it would soon out-shine everything else on the market. Working the gun was quick to learn and didn’t take much: insert cartridge nose first, put hammer on half cock, lower the lever, chamber the round, cock, aim, and fire.


Its most brilliant and revolutionary feature is the rotating block, something no other gun at the time had and what makes the repeater so special. The device allowed the gun to be fired quickly and more frequently than the standard rifle. It was also popular for its sleek design.

Usage in the war

During the Civil War, muzzleloaders were ordered by the hundreds, so switching rifles wouldn’t be cost effective. However, after demonstrating the rifle to officials, Spencer got an order from the Navy for 700 rifles, plus another 300 after he convinced them. Some soldiers, preferring Spencers rifle, purchased them on the side and Lincoln himself was so impressed, he ordered a total of around 230,000 by the time the war ended. By mid-1860’s, it had become the second most widely used carbine.


A rifle’s influence

The Spencer Repeating Rifle has its place in the hearts of historic american firearm collectors, but as far as repeaters go, they became obsolete. Repeaters were a costly and resource draining production, so by the time another war came around, America had moved on to more efficient ways of combat. Still though, nothing at its time was anything like the Spencer Repeater and for that alone is enough for it to go down as one of America’s great historic firearms.


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Many men and women who enter the military dream of taking part in special operations units. These units use unconventional methods to carry out unique missions. Depending on which branch of the military the unit is located, specials ops training programs will vary. To become a Green Beret, the special forces of the U.S. Army, it will take wit, brawn, and discipline.


Green Beret Special Ops Training

Selection process

Prior to participating in the selection process most applications will have:

  • Earned a college degree and/or postgraduate degree
  • Mastered a second language
  • Been in the armed forces for at least three years

Special ops training workouts are designed to push potential soldiers to their physical and mental limits. Before they can take part in the training course, they must pass a physical exam selection course. Each potential Green Beret must pass with a minimum score of 260. It is recommended before you take the exam you can:

  • Finish a two mile run within 12-14 minutes
  • Do 100 sit-ups in two minutes or less
  • Complete 100 push-ups in two minutes or less

The rest of the initial exam will take place at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The three-week course is split into two parts: physical training and teamwork ability. The tests will include:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups

“Q” Course

After excelling at phase one of SFQC, Special Forces Qualification Course, during the initial selection process at Fort Bragg, some soldiers will enter the remaining five phases. Each is more excruciating than the following, which is why it’s recommended to participate in some special ops training for civilians workouts before attempting the programs.

SFQC Phase II-13 weeks:

  • Strong focus on individual skills
  • Training in Small Unit Tactics
  • Survival skills
  • Language and cultural training

SFQC Phase III-15 weeks:

  • Military occupational specialty code training (MOS)
  • Further language training
  • Common tasks training
  • Advanced technique special ops training
  • Interagency operations training

SFQC Phase IV-14 weeks:

  • Combative skills training
  • Continual language training for specialty assignments

SFQC Phase V-four weeks:

  • Collective training
  • Realistic unconventional warfare

SFQC Phase VI:

  • Graduation
  • Initial assignment


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Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than a speeding bullet. If you’re in love with someone who loves guns, you’re probably wondering what to get for the gun collector who has everything? We have some gift tips that will help you shoot your way into a gun lover’s heart.

Gifts for Gun Lovers

The best things in life are accessories

Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins, and some people collect guns. Gifts for gun collectors can get pretty pricey, depending on what you’re looking at. If you shop smart, you can save some serious dough. Discount Firearms and Ammo has gifts from all different price ranges.

Some great accessories are:

T-shirts, patches, backpacks

If you have too many ideas for just one gift, try putting together a gun lover gift basket. You can fill a basket with ammo, t-shirts, patches, or backpacks. Even if your gun-loving partner has a closet full of t-shirts, there’s always room for one more.

History lessons

Some creative gifts for men who like guns (and women) are books. If your gun collector already has all the accessories and t-shirts they can handle, hit the books. Try finding some history books that specifically focus on weapons throughout history. Or, if they have a favorite weapon, get a book featuring the history of their gun of choice.

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