Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than a speeding bullet. If you’re in love with someone who loves guns, you’re probably wondering what to get for the gun collector who has everything? We have some gift tips that will help you shoot your way into a gun lover’s heart.

Gifts for Gun Lovers

The best things in life are accessories

Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins, and some people collect guns. Gifts for gun collectors can get pretty pricey, depending on what you’re looking at. If you shop smart, you can save some serious dough. Discount Firearms and Ammo has gifts from all different price ranges.

Some great accessories are:

T-shirts, patches, backpacks

If you have too many ideas for just one gift, try putting together a gun lover gift basket. You can fill a basket with ammo, t-shirts, patches, or backpacks. Even if your gun-loving partner has a closet full of t-shirts, there’s always room for one more.

History lessons

Some creative gifts for men who like guns (and women) are books. If your gun collector already has all the accessories and t-shirts they can handle, hit the books. Try finding some history books that specifically focus on weapons throughout history. Or, if they have a favorite weapon, get a book featuring the history of their gun of choice.

Give the Gift of an Experience

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Like many popular weapons, the Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova, or RPD Machine Gun, gets its name from the person who invented it. Vasily Degtyaryov created the powerful handheld RPD machine gun in 1943. Though the machine has been revamped several times during its life, it is still in use today. You can test one of them out at the Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience, but before you choose this as your experience, here are some of the specs of the RPD machine gun.

RPD Machine Gun


In 1943, three Soviet Union engineers were challenged to submit ideas for a new handheld light machine gun. Degtyaryov’s design replaced his previously designed Degtyaryov machine gun. The original weapon was chambered for 7.6x54R rounds while the new one was chambered for M43 7.62x39mm round. The new invention wasn’t set for production until after World War II.


The handheld RPD machine gun is described as:

  • Simplistic: Two hidden belts feed rounds into the machine in a drum, attached to the bottom of the receiver. It can also be loaded by a loose belt.
  • Powerful: A gas operated long stroke piston system fuels the RPD.
  • Efficient: The chamber and bore are protected by a chrome lining, which is used to lessen the likelihood of jamming and corrosion.
  • Groundbreaking: Unlike previous Soviet machine gun models, the return spring is nestled inside the butt.

The largest disadvantage of the RPD machine gun is the accessibility of the drum magazine. It becomes unstable in dirty conditions and can get jammed with dirt, dust, or other elements relatively easy.

Try an RPD Machine Gun out Today

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Is your trip to Viva Las Vegas going to be your first time visiting an indoor shooting range? You’re in luck because there’s no better place to experience the thrill of shooting legendary machine guns than the legendary Sin City. But before you suit up for your gun-venture, there are a few safety rules you should know. Follow them, and you’re sure to be an old pro in no time.

Six Etiquette Rules for the Indoor Shooting Range

Keep guns aimed at safety zones

An indoor shooting range provides targets for participants to perfect their aim, but keep in mind just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s fair game. Your gun instructor will let you know where it’s safe to shoot. More important than not aiming at shooting range props like frames and supports, is to never point your weapon at another person.

Don’t interrupt another shooter

Never attempt to talk to another person shooting at firing range targets, especially by physically tapping them on the shoulder, bumping into them, or messing with their safety gear. The only time it’s acceptable to interrupt another person at the range is if they or another person are in danger. This rule also applies to coaching or correct another shooter. For the most part try to remember: If it’s not unsafe, it can wait.

Guns not in use should be unloaded

There have been some tragic stories involving gun usage that ended in the accidental shooter saying they didn’t know the gun was loaded. Any gun, whether it be your own personal gun at home or the gun you’re using at an indoor shooting range, should never be loaded until it’s being used. Even if you’re visiting the best shooting range in Vegas, as soon as you get your gun, you should check that it’s empty.

Hands off other shooters’ guns

You wouldn’t pick up another person’s baggage at an airport or food at a restaurant, would you? So why would you pick up another person’s gun? If you’re new to shooting you may not know the quirks of another person’s weapon. Keep your hands to yourself when visiting an indoor shooting range in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

Have good, clean fun

If you’re visiting an indoor shooting range near the strip while visiting Las Vegas, nothing is more important than having fun. Leave your inhibitions at the door when you visit the range. When you leave, make sure you clean up after yourself so the next person shooting at firing range targets can have the same clean fun you did.

Practice Etiquette and Shooting at the Machine Gun Experience

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Gun myths are as old as guns themselves. Whether it be thanks to movies or anti-gun myths, a lot of this information is misleading. Unfortunately, the myths that have weaved their way into the mainstream are taken as fact. Here’s the truth behind these lies.

3 Common Gun Myths

A dropped gun will go off

Two men dressed in suits are fighting over a gun. They bounce it back and forth like a hot potato for a few gut-wrenching moments. Then dun dunnnnn, it drops! Cue the slow motion. “NOOOOOO!” They scream in unison. The gun clanks to the ground, goes off, and shoots the hero in the stomach.

Fact: Guns are required to pass a drop-safety test a mandated by the Gun Control Act of 1968. Weapons typically don’t fire when dropped. Myths like this put people in danger because they think they should fumble to catch their weapon. However, experts advise shooters to let the gun drop instead of taking the risk of hitting the trigger when catching the falling object.

Violent perpetrators prefer assault weapons

Next scene. A group of innocent civilians are standing in line at the bank. Out of nowhere a group of men dressed in all black burst in with assault rifles. “Everyone on the ground!” They demand with pointed weapons. They’re going to rob the bank!

Fact: Assault weapon is a term assigned by the media to describe military designed weapons. There should be no civilian association. Criminals don’t want to stand out in a crowd and prefer small, handheld guns. Do you really think someone wouldn’t notify the authorities of strange men running around with giant guns in their hands?

Bullets make fireworks

In this next scene, our hero is in a standoff with a criminal. He’s hiding behind a metal door peeking through the window every now and then to take a shot at our guy. The hero aims for the perp, BANG! The bullet hits the metal door and all of a sudden it’s the sky on the Fourth of July. Sorry to burst the movie fanatic’s bubble but once again the gun myths and facts are off base.


Fact: Bullets are made of copper or copper alloy. Grab some pennies and slam them together as hard as you can. Don’t be shy. If you didn’t try it, it’s okay. If you did, you’re probably thinking, “Where are the sparks?” Copper does not get hot enough to spark. The only bullets that do are in rifles, and even then it’s a rare occurrence.

Find out the Truth at The Vegas Machine Gun Experience

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black proears hearing protection

When it comes to the subject of protecting yourself at a shooting range, there’s nothing more important than protecting your ears. Hearing protection specifically designed for shooting should be of the utmost priority when you take a trip to any shooting range, lest you want to end up with a hearing impairment. Take a look at a couple of the different types of hearing protection for shooting that you’re likely to come across at a Las Vegas gun range.

Passive Hearing Protection

One of the most common types of hearing protection that you’re likely to find at a Las Vegas shooting range is what’s called passive hearing protection. Passive hearing protection refers to any form of hearing protection that doesn’t use any noise-cancelling electronics. The two most common forms are passive earplugs and passive ear muffs.


As passive hearing protection, shooting ear plugs and earmuffs cover the ears in an effort to dampen the sound of gunfire. With earplugs, the amount of noise reduction can be minimally noticeable, and with passive earmuffs, the all out noise reduction can make hearing anything else nearly impossible. If you’re looking for the best ear protection for the shooting range you can find, an electronic option may be your best one.

Electronic noise-cancelling protection

Utilizing the same design as passive earmuffs, electronic hearing protection reduces the noise down to a level that is safe for the shooter and won’t damage hearing. What truly makes electronic hearing protection the optimal route for hearing protection is the fact that you’ll still be able to hear anything important happening around you, which is safer for everyone.
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colt single action army revolver

When people talk about the days of the Old West, they think of cowboys, adventure, and the days of the new frontier. No gun represents the wild, unpredictable nature of the days of the Wild West than the Colt Single Action Army. The Colt single action army revolver, known today as “The Gun that Won the West,” is the epitome of an Old West six shooter.

The Gun That Won the West

Even with the single action army’s reputation as being an icon of Wild West cowboys, it wasn’t even the most popular pistol of its era. Still, even faced with deep competition from the now lesser-known pistol by Harrington & Richardson, the single action army possessed a powerful advantage that would carry the pistol onwards to icon status. Traveling shows, plays, and short novels all featured heroic tales of cowboys defeating bank robbers and getting into fights at the saloon and all the while, they did so carrying the Colt Single Action Army.


The United States adopted the Colt single action for military service in 1873, and it would continue seeing use as a service pistol until 1892. Over the course of the next couple of decades, the popularity of the single action army would fade along with the rise of double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.


At the close of the Second World War, a renewed interest in Western films lead to the rediscovery and revitalization in popularity of the Colt single action army, more commonly referred to at this point as the Colt Peacekeeper. Once carried by outlaws and lawmen of the Old West, the Colt single action army is now mostly found with gun collectors and Old West re-enactors.
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When visiting a shooting range in Las Vegas, you’ll likely be asked to wear a few pieces of protective equipment. Shooting glasses are among the most common forms of shooting protection and also one of the most important.

Still, some experienced shooters scoff at the idea of wearing any sort of eye protection when they go out to practice their craft. If you’re still on the fence about the importance of wearing shooting glasses, read on and find out more about what they truly have to offer.

Why Wear Shooting Glasses?

Protection from unforeseen accidents

No matter how prepared or experienced a shooter you are, the fact of the matter is that accidents can still happen. It could be something as simple as too much powder or an errant cartridge being ejected from the firearm, but simply putting on a pair of shooting glasses will protect your eyesight.

Better shooting

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why are shooting glasses yellow” it’s because it can help you see your targets better. A lot of shooters swear by a pair of yellow tinted competition shooting glasses, claiming the color contrast allows for better sight and therefore, improved accuracy. Whether or not you agree with this is up to personal preference, but it’s something worth trying it on your next trip to a Las Vegas gun range.

A Vegas Gun Range with Everything You Need

If you don’t already have a pair of quality shooting glasses, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered at the Vegas Machine Gun Experience. We’ve got shooting glasses, hearing protection, and everything you need to have a great time.

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Here at the Vegas Machine Gun Experience, we’ve got a great selection of fully-automatic firearms like the M249 SAW and the AK47 that tend to attract a large chunk of the attention, but there’s so much more to our Vegas gun range. While these fully automatic firearms are extremely fun to shoot, there’s something to be said about the elegance of a quality handgun. If you’re looking to put your marksman skills to the test, there’s no better way to do it than with a Glock 17.

Firearms Spotlight: Glock 17 Pistol

The Glock 17 is the pistol that put the Glock company on the map as a big time player in the world of handguns. Originally created for use by the Austrian military, the Glock 17 handgun has earned its highly regarded reputation based on its durability, ammo capacity, and its exceptional trigger control. Today, it can still be found used as a service pistol around the world.

A Hollywood favorite

The Glock 17 pistol’s iconic status has led to its continued use on the big screen. Everyone from Tom Cruise to Will Smith has turned to the Glock 17 to take down the bad guys, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. These are just a few films that have featured the Austrian pistol.

  • Rush Hour (1998)
  • Bad Boys II (2003)
  • Mission: Impossible III (2006)
  • 21 Jump Street (2012)
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Video game legend

It’s not just Hollywood that has grown to love the Glock 17, over the years it’s become a fan favorite amongst gamers everywhere. From its erroneous appearance in the first Counter-Strike game, with its 20 round capacity and burst-fire mode to the streets of Grand Theft Auto, this handgun is a proven commodity in the video game world. Check out a few of its most famous appearances.

  • Counter-Strike (2000)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005)
  • Medal of Honor (2010)
  • Battlefield 3 (2011)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (2014)

Sure the fully automatic guns brought you into the Vegas Machine Gun Experience, but there’s nothing like seeing who’s the best shot with a good old Glock 17 9mm. Book a gun range package today and find out which one of your buddies truly is the best.