Gun Etiquette for the Indoor Shooting Range

Is your trip to Viva Las Vegas going to be your first time visiting an indoor shooting range? You’re in luck because there’s no better place to experience the thrill of shooting legendary machine guns than the legendary Sin City. But before you suit up for your gun-venture, there are a few safety rules you should know. Follow them, and you’re sure to be an old pro in no time.

Six Etiquette Rules for the Indoor Shooting Range

Keep guns aimed at safety zones

An indoor shooting range provides targets for participants to perfect their aim, but keep in mind just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s fair game. Your gun instructor will let you know where it’s safe to shoot. More important than not aiming at shooting range props like frames and supports, is to never point your weapon at another person.

Don’t interrupt another shooter

Never attempt to talk to another person shooting at firing range targets, especially by physically tapping them on the shoulder, bumping into them, or messing with their safety gear. The only time it’s acceptable to interrupt another person at the range is if they or another person are in danger. This rule also applies to coaching or correct another shooter. For the most part try to remember: If it’s not unsafe, it can wait.

Guns not in use should be unloaded

There have been some tragic stories involving gun usage that ended in the accidental shooter saying they didn’t know the gun was loaded. Any gun, whether it be your own personal gun at home or the gun you’re using at an indoor shooting range, should never be loaded until it’s being used. Even if you’re visiting the best shooting range in Vegas, as soon as you get your gun, you should check that it’s empty.

Hands off other shooters’ guns

You wouldn’t pick up another person’s baggage at an airport or food at a restaurant, would you? So why would you pick up another person’s gun? If you’re new to shooting you may not know the quirks of another person’s weapon. Keep your hands to yourself when visiting an indoor shooting range in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

Have good, clean fun

If you’re visiting an indoor shooting range near the strip while visiting Las Vegas, nothing is more important than having fun. Leave your inhibitions at the door when you visit the range. When you leave, make sure you clean up after yourself so the next person shooting at firing range targets can have the same clean fun you did.

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