Myths about Guns
gun myths

Gun myths are as old as guns themselves. Whether it be thanks to movies or anti-gun myths, a lot of this information is misleading. Unfortunately, the myths that have weaved their way into the mainstream are taken as fact. Here’s the truth behind these lies.

3 Common Gun Myths

A dropped gun will go off

Two men dressed in suits are fighting over a gun. They bounce it back and forth like a hot potato for a few gut-wrenching moments. Then dun dunnnnn, it drops! Cue the slow motion. “NOOOOOO!” They scream in unison. The gun clanks to the ground, goes off, and shoots the hero in the stomach.

Fact: Guns are required to pass a drop-safety test a mandated by the Gun Control Act of 1968. Weapons typically don’t fire when dropped. Myths like this put people in danger because they think they should fumble to catch their weapon. However, experts advise shooters to let the gun drop instead of taking the risk of hitting the trigger when catching the falling object.

Violent perpetrators prefer assault weapons

Next scene. A group of innocent civilians are standing in line at the bank. Out of nowhere a group of men dressed in all black burst in with assault rifles. “Everyone on the ground!” They demand with pointed weapons. They’re going to rob the bank!

Fact: Assault weapon is a term assigned by the media to describe military designed weapons. There should be no civilian association. Criminals don’t want to stand out in a crowd and prefer small, handheld guns. Do you really think someone wouldn’t notify the authorities of strange men running around with giant guns in their hands?

Bullets make fireworks

In this next scene, our hero is in a standoff with a criminal. He’s hiding behind a metal door peeking through the window every now and then to take a shot at our guy. The hero aims for the perp, BANG! The bullet hits the metal door and all of a sudden it’s the sky on the Fourth of July. Sorry to burst the movie fanatic’s bubble but once again the gun myths and facts are off base.


Fact: Bullets are made of copper or copper alloy. Grab some pennies and slam them together as hard as you can. Don’t be shy. If you didn’t try it, it’s okay. If you did, you’re probably thinking, “Where are the sparks?” Copper does not get hot enough to spark. The only bullets that do are in rifles, and even then it’s a rare occurrence.

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