Enhancing Your Trip to Our Las Vegas Shooting Range
9mm ammunition in case

A trip to a Las Vegas shooting range offers up a different experience to different types of shooters. While first-time shooters will focus on learning the basics such as how to hold the gun and hit their target, more experienced shooters will look to improve on these skills they’ve already acquired. By following these simple tips, even an experienced shooter can enhance their trip to a Las Vegas shooting range.

Have a Better Day at the Shooting Range

Dry fire

Dry firing is a valuable method of improving your shooting and one that you should integrate into your shooting range visits. Not only does it save the amount of ammunition you run through, but it is also a proven method of improving your shooting accuracy.

Slow things down

The best way to improve your visit to a shooting range in Las Vegas is to remember that you’re here to have a good time. Take a breath and slow things down a bit when you come down to our shooting range. You didn’t come here to find out who could run through ammo faster; you came here to shoot. Take a second and really look at where your shots hit and make the appropriate changes to improve for your next shot.

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