The Truth About Shotgun Accuracy
closeup shotgun shell

When people think about shotguns, accuracy isn’t the first concept that comes to mind. Shotguns are considered effective due to their ability to spread fire and hit targets easily at close range without the need for accurate aim. In fact, many gun owners purchase shotguns specifically because of their lack of focus on accuracy and precision. Still, the question of shotgun accuracy continues to perplex shooters to this day with many wondering if aiming is necessary at all.

Understanding Shotgun Accuracy

First and foremost, the myth that shotguns don’t require any aim and more so, cannot be accurately aimed is exactly that, a myth. Depending on the range you’re shooting at and more importantly, the specific ammunition you’re shooting, shotguns can be aimed towards specific targets.

Effective range for a 12 gauge slug

For those who have chosen a shotgun as their home defense firearm, the effective range required is far shorter than you may think. If you imagine a standard sized room in your home, you should come to the realization that as long as you can hit your mark within five to 10 yards, you’ll be fine.

Luckily enough, a 12 gauge buckshot, arguably the most common shotgun ammunition out there, is surprisingly effective at these ranges. According to the shotgun slug ballistics chart found on Beretta’s official website, shots fired to 10 yards and less still appear to hit as a single, tightly packed shot.

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