What if I’m afraid of guns?

People who have had limited exposure to firearms may feel this way. It’s perfectly normal to be startled by the loud report of a firearm, or feel scared because you don’t know how it operates. But our expert range officers pride themselves on making the experience as fun and comfortable for you as possible, helping you realize the thrill of getting over your fears and shooting a firearm! There is truly nothing like it! For those of you who may be nervous to try it, here is how we will help you conquer your fears: First, we will pair you with the right firearm(s) for you, based on your physical stature and abilities, plus taking into consideration the type of gun(s) you are looking to shoot. Second, we equip you with safety glasses and ear protection, and assign you to a range officer who will be with you every step of the way. Third, that range officer will teach you about the gun; the name, the history, the mechanics of exactly how it works, etc. Third, we will teach you how to shoot the gun; how to stand, how to hold it, how to aim it, and when to pull the trigger. By the time you have chosen a firearm, get out on the range, become educated on the firearm itself, and trained how to shoot, you will be itching to shoot it! It’s a natural high like no other! We hope you will give it a try!

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