Nevada 2016 Ballot: Vote No on Question 1
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Much like the rest of the country, Nevada residents will have a slew of important decisions to make come election day. At the top of the list is Question 1, which represents yet another ignorant attempt to increase gun safety by taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding gun owners. This is one of the most restrictive gun control measures ever seen in Nevada and if passed, would make any transfer of a firearm subject to federal records. Under the guise of gun safety, Question 1 will subject every gun owner to increased regulations while doing nothing to reduce crime.

The Truth about Question 1

Doesn’t Affect Criminals

The worst part about Question 1 that Nevada residents need to understand is that this will do next to nothing when it comes to stopping criminals from obtaining guns. By their very nature, criminals don’t obey laws and Question 1 does nothing to address the problem of making them do so. Criminals will continue to illegally obtain guns whether or no Question 1 passes.

Criminalizes Law Abiding Gun Owners

While Question 1 won’t do anything to stop criminals from obtaining guns, it will do a great job of criminalizing law-abiding gun owners. If Question 1 passes, loaning a firearm to a friend or family member would make you a criminal.

Question 1 is NOT about Gun Safety

The biggest problem with Question 1 is that it does absolutely nothing to address the larger issues at hand such as the current broken mental health system. Aside from this, these “universal” background checks that Question 1 insists on, it is unenforceable without full gun registration and not a proper gun safety test.

Question 1 is the wrong way to approach gun safety. It’s the wrong way to address the real problem at hand, and it’s wrong for Nevada. Get to the polls and Vote NO on Question 1.

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