Pistol Shooting Drills for Improved Accuracy
gun laying down with barrel pointed towards camera

Hitting your target with a pistol is considered to be more challenging than with a larger firearm. With handguns like pistols and revolvers being so popular, finding ways to improve your own shooting ability has become a focal point for many shooters. These simple pistol shooting drills will no doubt leave you in a far better position in terms of your handgun accuracy.  

Dry Fire

In the world of pistol shooting drills, dry fire drills help you become most comfortable with what proper sight alignment looks like faster than any other. To perform this pistol shooting drill, the first step is to ensure that the pistol is completely unloaded. Once you are certain that the pistol is safe and unloaded, locate a spot on a wall that sits a good distance away from you. Practice pulling your pistol up, lining up the sights, and pulling the trigger. Once you learn to cycle the trigger without pulling away from your target, you’ll be on the road to consistent, reliable shooting.


If your handgun of choice is a revolver, the ball-and-dummy shooting drill is the one for you. To do this, load a few rounds into the chambers, but be sure it’s only a few. Line up your shot in a safe location, and pull the trigger. What makes the ball-and-dummy so important is that it teaches shooters not to anticipate the recoil. When you’re surprised by the recoil, there’s no way for you to anticipate and over-exaggerate the action. This defensive shooting drill teaches confidence in your ability to account for your gun’s recoil without over-compensating.  

Ready Up

The ready up is arguably one of the best pistol drills for accuracy you can perform with a handgun. Simple and detailed at the same time, the Ready Up is perfect for handguns, rifles, and everything in between. Unlike the dry fire drill, this pistol shooting drill requires you to load your handgun beforehand.

Keep your gun holstered, pick out a target, and then draw your weapon like you’re in a Clint Eastwood movie. The key to this drill is you want to fire your gun as soon as your front sights completely cover the target area. With its combination of speed and accuracy, the ready up drill is one of the most thorough pistol shooting drills out there.

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