Improve Your Handgun Accuracy for Your Vegas Gun Range Visit
aiming tips for a las vegas gun range

So you and your buddies have decided that a trip to Vegas is the perfect way to celebrate. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to make a visit to our Vegas gun range a priority on your list of “Things to do in Vegas” itinerary. The thing is, you’re a little competitive, and if you all head down to a gun range, you’re going to want to be the best. Luckily enough, if you follow this simple technique, you’ll show up all your friends when you arrive at our Vegas gun range.  

Breathing Techniques for Pistol Shooting

For many first time shooters, and even some experienced shooters, shooting a firearm comes down to eyeing your target in your sight picture and squeezing the trigger. While this is true in a general sense, there is much more to the process when it comes to shooting a handgun accurately. The quickest way to improve your handgun accuracy is with proper breathing technique.

You may be wondering what your breathing has to do with the accuracy of your shot, but they are much more connected than you might be aware of.

  • Never shoot while holding your breath.
  • Don’t shoot during an inhale or exhale.
  • DO shoot on a half breath.

It’s important to remember that your body needs oxygen to shoot accurately. This is why you never want to hold your breath to shoot. Maintain a steady pace with your breathing and try and shoot during a natural pause. Most people will pause for a couple of seconds between an inhale and exhale. These moments are the opportune time to squeeze down on your trigger. We recommend breathing in, letting some air out, and then shooting with some air still comfortably in your lungs.

Whether you’ve come to our Las Vegas gun range to celebrate a bachelor party or just for a weekend getaway, you’ll love the Vegas Machine Gun Experience. Book a gun range package today, and don’t forget your breathing when you get here.

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