Vegas Gun Range Questions: Machine Guns or Assault Rifles?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a machine gun and an assault rifle is? Many people use the terms interchangeably, but this isn’t necessarily correct—from a technical standpoint. Assault rifles and machine guns are inherently different in terms of design and the type of ammunition used but are equally fun at our Vegas gun range.

Experience the Machine Guns

The term “machine gun” is sometimes used to describe any type of automatic weapon. A true machine gun, however, is a bullet hose that specializes in expelling large quantities of rounds downrange in an exceptionally short amount of time.

The main dividing factor that separates machines guns from automatic rifles lies in the ammunition and purpose for the firearms. While a machine gun and assault rifle can share the same type of ammunition, a machine gun is often belt-fed as opposed to magazine-fed. Additionally, a machine gun is most often used to control and shoot into a designated area, not a specific target.

Experience the Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are often mistaken for machine guns due to their ability to fire off rounds down our Las Vegas gun range quickly. Unlike machine guns, however, many assault rifles sport a selective-fire feature that allows for bursts of a few rounds at a time.

From a design standpoint, assault rifles do not utilize a belt-fed ammunition and opt for traditional rifle magazines instead. Also, assault rifles act as a contrast of sorts to a machine gun, placing more value on accuracy and the ability to isolate a single target as opposed to the machine gun’s ability to spray through a designated area.

Fortunately for you, there isn’t a decision between one or the other that needs to be made here at the Vegas Machine Gun Experience. We’ve got a great selection of assault rifles and machine guns waiting for you to try out. Whether it’s for your Las Vegas gun range bachelor or just a fun day out at a Clark County gun range, we know you’ll love your time at our indoor shooting range.

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