Shooting an Assault Rifle at a Vegas Gun Range
m4 assault rifle

A trip to an indoor Las Vegas gun range is the perfect addition to any Vegas vacation. A stop at the Vegas Machine Gun Experience provides you the opportunity to shoot fully automatic weapons including popular assault rifles like the M4 and AK-47.

For most people, this opportunity will be the first they’ve had to shoot these assault rifles. Some may have experience with handguns and pistols and some may not have any experience with firearms at all. Luckily enough, our experienced instructors will be there to help you along every step of the way. If you want a bit of a head start though, here are a few tips for shooting an assault rifle at a Vegas gun range.

Shooting an Assault Rifle at our Vegas Gun Range

Grasp onto the Rifle

The first thing you need to do once you’ve stepped inside and are ready to shoot at our indoor gun range is know how to properly grip the rifle. An assault rifle grip can often times be similar to a handgun’s grip. The most important thing to remember to place your index finger over the trigger but not to touch the trigger until you’re ready to fire.  

Picking up the Rifle

Now that you have a feel for the grip, pick up the rifle and with your other hand grasp the barrel to keep it steady. When you pull the trigger, you’ll feel quite a bit of kick and recoil from the rifle so you’ll want to prop it up against your body. Place the butt end of the rifle to the front of your shoulder. You want the rifle to sit between your chest muscle and the ball of your shoulder for the best results.

Aiming the Rifle

All that’s left to do is for you to take aim and fire. Tilt your head down so that whichever one of your eyes is closest to the gun is now looking straight down the top of the barrel. Your cheek should also be in firmly in contact with the side of the gun stock. Focus on the front sight and squeeze the trigger.

Located just off the Strip next to the Discount Firearms and Ammo Vegas gun store, the Vegas Machine Gun Experience is the indoor shooting range you need to see. Schedule a shooting package with us today and experience the amazing for yourself.

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