Precision vs Accuracy at a Las Vegas Gun Range
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Precision and accuracy are two of the most common incorrectly used terms in all of shooting. For most people, accuracy and precision are a pair of terms that refer to the same thing, but these people would be sadly mistaken. While they are quite similar, precision and accuracy, when used in a Las Vegas gun range, refer to two different things.

Precision vs. Accuracy

Precision: How Well Can Your Gun Shoot?

When it comes to shooting at a Las Vegas indoor gun range, the term precision refers specifically to how consistently a firearm can shoot multiple rounds within the same target area. Your own skill as a shooter plays a role here, but precision is based on the firearm’s mechanical ability to function properly and on a consistent basis. If you’re aiming properly, but the gun is malfunctioning, this is more about the firearm’s precision, not the shooter’s accuracy.

Accuracy: How Well Can You Shoot?

In contrast to precision, the term accuracy, when used at an indoor or outdoor Las Vegas gun range refers more to the shooter’s ability than the gun’s own mechanical capabilities. This means that shooting accurately is dependent purely on a shooter’s ability to control their firearm and hit their mark. To better improve your own shooting accuracy, practice hitting the same mark consistently, regardless of whether you’re hitting the bullseye or not.

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