Shooting a Sniper Rifle at a Las Vegas Indoor Gun Range

Have you ever seen a trained shooter hit a target thousands of yards in the distance? Shooters often make these impressive shots with a sniper rifle. By following these simple shooting tips, you can improve your sniper shot inside our Las Vegas indoor gun range.

Sniper Rifle Shooting at an Indoor Shooting Range in Las Vegas

Watch, Observe, and Collect Information

One of the most important rules military snipers live by is never to waste a single shot. People often assume this means hitting your mark on every shot, and this is, of course, the ideal situation. However, much like anything else in life, you can learn a lot when you miss your mark too.

Observe your shots every time you squeeze the trigger and take note of how your firearm performs under the current conditions. See where your shot landed, and for your next shot, make adjustments accordingly.

Squeeze Between Breaths

When it comes to the art of precision shooting, something as simple as your breath can have a dramatic effect on how your shot reacts. Take slow, deep breaths and take note of the time spent between breaths. Most people have a solid one to three-second window between breaths. You want to shoot during this window.

Proper Recoil

Depending on the caliber of rounds you’re working with, your sniper rifle will kick in different ways. The recoil of the gun should go straight back into you, and the scope should ideally land back in place. When you get your recoil going like this, you know you’re doing something right.

You might be hitting long distances at a Las Vegas outdoor gun range, but you still won’t get an experience like ours. Book a gun range package and discover the Vegas Machine Gun Experience on your next trip to Sin City.

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